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The Veenat 100 mg is an anticancer drug and is in a much demand in India and abroad. The Veenat 100mg Imatinib capsules price rage is affordable in India however the price can vary in the different countries because this particular anticancer drug is exported to the different parts of the world. This anticancer drug is used for the treatment of the different types of leukemia [ blood cancer] and the drug is manufactured by the company called Natco pharma.

This drug is quite suitable for treating the cancers of the different types in the blood. This drug has a peculiar specialty of blocking the protein that is manufactured by the bcr/abi oncogene.

This is a cost-effective medicine and thanks to the manufacturers of the medicine for this and it comes as the generic of glivec capsules. These tablets contain Imatinib and this is a form of tyrosine Kinase inhibitor. There are international exporters of Veenat medicine and these suppliers supply the drugs to the different parts of the world including the major world countries like the USA, China including other Asian countries. If one wants to purchase such an anticancer drug in bulk, it is advised to visit the websites of these particular international drug selling agencies on their mentioned websites and call them by taking their respective phone numbers. The fact is the deadly disease of cancer has torn the world apart because there is actually no cure for the disease like cancer when it reaches the final stages. There is also the availability of Veenat 400 mg in the market at the affordable prices but this is the higher doze of the drug because it is available in the quantity of 400 mg.

The brand name of the drug is Veenat 100 mg capsules and the generic name of the drug is Imatinib 100mg. The drug comes in the pack of one hundred and twenty capsules in the market and is manufactured by the company called Natco pharma. The exporters and suppliers of this kind of drug also offer it in the high discounted price range and they also provide the country wise delivery details of this particular drug. One can get this particular drug in any major city of India and the drug is shipped to the major countries of the world in eight to ten working days.

One will have to take a precaution before using the Veenat 100mg or Veenat 400mg. It becomes very crucial for the patient to tell the doctor about the past medical history. By doing this, the patient will free himself from any major complications or side effects that are associated with the drug. Overall , the drug is highly effective for cancer.

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