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Every man knows what he feels when sometimes wants to prolong sexual intercourse. But, unfortunately, there is a problem as premature ejaculation (also called early ejaculation, PE, ejaculation or rapid ejaculation Praecox), it can become a huge problem in your life.

Premature ejaculation was opredelana like illness recently, and experts define it as having three major aspects:

– Very little time from penetration to ejaculation (about 1 minute or less);

– The feeling that you are unable to control his ejaculation;

– Difficulties or any unhappiness caused by PE.

Also be aware that many people want to increase the sexual act, even if they do not have PE. Here it should be noted that there is no such thing as a normal time of ejaculation, as it changes, and even changes with the same partner, with various partners, depending otsituatsii etc. The average time to ejaculation is about 7 minutes (studies show), but if the time from penetration to ejaculation, usually more than 1 minute, you probably do not have PE.

PE is divided into two types. Men may have PE with the first sexual intercourse (known as a lifelong or primary PE), or whether this disease can appear in a person’s life after a huge number of years spent without such sexual difficulties (this is called acquired or secondary PE).

Many men continue to lead normal life and hope that their PE time markedly improved. But most importantly, it is important to understand that the PE – it is a curable disease, and what you can get effective treatment.

PE is often referred to as erectile dysfunction (impotence; ED), a condition where a person can not achieve or maintain an erection. Men with PE can achieve an erection without problems, while men with ED can not achieve an erection at all. Unlike ED, PE only in very rare cases may be associated with some medical illnesses, which have a major impact on health (such as diabetes or heart disease). While it is possible that where a man can have both PE and ED.

Premature ejaculation refers to a particular class of diseases: many consider her most embarrassing misunderstanding about which even embarrassed to tell your doctor. Few people know that this disorder can be treated. The more so because, until recently, drugs did not have.

In men with PE, the mechanism of ejaculation the same as that of men without PE, but the sex is much faster and with less sense of control. Men with PE compared their lack of control over ejaculation with chihom – they may feel that this will happen, but they can not do anything to stop it. That’s because, like sneezing, ejaculation is a reflex action, which is controlled by the brain and nervous system, and once triggered a reflex ejaculation can not be stopped. Ejaculation can be caused by mental and physical sexual stimulation.

The exact reasons why some people sometimes PE, has not yet fully understood. In the past it was thought that PE arises from the purely psychological states, but doctors have found that PE may be caused by physical problems associated with the signals of serotonin in the brain that controls ejaculation. Scientists have recently discovered variations in gene control of serotonin signals that may be associated with PE.

According to modern ideas the cause of premature ejaculation – a metabolic hormone pleasure of serotonin in the brain. Dapoxetine affect the exchange of serotonin, shifting the time of ejaculation. To renew the closeness, it is enough to drink one pill a couple of hours before intercourse.

Effect of the drug lasts for 12 hours. Studies have shown that men suffering from premature ejaculation, there is a fourfold increase in the duration of sexual intercourse after taking the drug. Long-term use of the drug has a positive effect on delaying ejaculation. Basis Dapoxetine is Dapoxetine. This is a newly developed tool shows great results. Dapoxetine is a breakthrough in medicine.

Dapoxetine can be taken with drugs that improve erections, moreover, a joint reception Dapoxetine and any means to gain an erection (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and others) greatly increases and prolongs the pleasure of sexual intercourse. Side effects in Dapoxetine there is little, if they appear, then quickly pass. Also, the appearance of side effects is the reason for discontinuation Dapoxetine. Dapoxetine side effects may be nausea, headache and dizziness.

Do not take Dapoxetine more than once in 24 hours.

Dapoxetine is a new drug, but have already proven their effectiveness. Dapoxetine is the only such drug and has no analogues. Dapoxetine give you a full sex with Dapoxetine you no longer need to keep from, you yourself become control ejaculation. Dapoxetine give you energy, Dapoxetine – is synonymous with full and sensual sex with Dapoxetine you can relax and not think about problems.

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