Ayurveda: A Science of healthy living

Ayurveda is an ancient Medical system of India. Ayurvedic system of Medicine is world’s oldest system of medicine. It is originated in India and now it is spread out all over the world as a safest treatment and has not any side effects and also cures chronic diseases as a permanent base.

‘The science of long and healthy living’ is called as an “Ayurveda”.

Ayurveda provides us with a complete understanding of what is life-sustaining and what is not, not just for the physical body, but also our mind and soul, thus it is also a holistic science. This includes descriptions of the kind of diet, lifestyle and behavior that is optimal for well-being, the ideal environment, and the herbal rasayanas (medicines) that are good or bad for each of these aspects of health. There is great detail on each of these modalities – what to eat? When to eat? And how to eat? Are a part of dietary recommendations?

The aim of this system is to prevent illness, heal the sick and preserve life. This can be summed up in two aspects:

1) To protect health and prolong life (“Swasthsya swasthya rakshanam”)

2) To eliminate diseases and dysfunctions of the body (“Aaturasya vikar prashamanam”)

The first part of Ayurveda is considering all of the techniques and also advice the life styles to prevent health for healthy people for living long lasting. So Ayurveda is not only a science of medicine for a sick people but also a science of life for healthy and long living, for those people, whom are already healthy.

We found much more descriptions for how to live healthy in different seasons and as well age different ages and also for man and woman differently. Ayurveda includes all the advices from wake up to sleep, Hygiene to Diet and also wearing clothes to foot ware for prevent health.

Rejuvenation therapy (Rasayana treatment) is a world’s unique therapy. It has two aims:

1. Making your body younger in your old age.

2. To Curing diseases from your body.

Sexual health is also a part of healthy mind and healthy body. Ayurveda is an oldest sexual health therapy in this world. We also experienced that whole world’s eyes are only on Ayurveda medicines for sexual health. But Ayurveda is not limited for only increasing libido power for better and long lasting sexual experience. Ayurveda has so much thinking about sexual health like, How? When? With whom? With whom not? Where? How much? and also Why? You have to sex. All the matters about this topic are well described and have also scientific values.

Panchakarma therapy: A cleaning process of our body is a part of preventing health as well as cure diseases.

The second part of Ayurveda is how to cure when one is suffering from illness, which is if related with body, or mind or both.

In this features Ayurveda has endless descriptions for curing disease and has too much different ways to cure it.

Ayurveda has purely scientific way to diagnose patients, Making line of treatment, and also making diet for patients.

Ayurveda is not conservative; It has described diet and medicines for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian also.

Ayurveda fully describes all the diseases from diagnosis to treatment on their own weightage.

We can make branches of Ayurveda as:

– Medicine

– Pediatrics

– Gynecology

– ENT and Ophthalmology

– Psychotherapy

– Rejuvenation therapy (Rasayan)

– Sexual Health ( Vajikaran)

– Pathology

– Toxicology

Ayurveda is an unbelieving science of life in this world. Which is Gifted by God Dhanavanatari for us and Our ancient and moderns saints like Charak, Vagbhatt, Sushrut, Chakrapani, Bhel, Jatukarna, Harit, Agnivesh, kashyap, Bhavprakash and also all the vaidyas of up to 21th centuries had heartily nourished this science from their blood for mankind.

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